Holiday Collection - 8oz Black Glass Candle, Winter Pear


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Brand new to the DANI Naturals holiday line, our new matte black glass with gold lined candles. A truly unique and luxurious candle experience and the perfect holiday gift or treat.

DANI’s natural 100% non-gmo, soy wax candles are scented using only essential oil blends, for an incredibly uplifting, aromatic experience. Our candles only use 100% organic cotton wicks.

Scented in Winter Pear a seasonal favorite with soft and fresh notes of currant, pear, cedar and ylang ylang.

This 8oz candle comes packaged with a black and metallic paper topper and to minimize waste and footprint, our holiday candle line does not come packaged in a box for display.

Approximate burn time - 70 hours.