Scented Candle Gift Set in 9 Assorted Scents - 2 oz Travel Tin


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Looking for that perfect gift? Or wanting to sample all of our incredible scents? It's easy with our Scented Candle Gift Set in 9 Assorted Scents! You get one 2 oz travel soy tin candle in every essential oil blend we make!

DANI Naturals Soy Candles are a great, environmentally friendly way to scent any space. Our 100% vegan wax is clean burning, eco friendly and free from any toxins (pesticides and herbicides). 

This Scented Candle Gift Set in 9 assorted fragrances includes one travel soy candle of:

  • Bamboo Bergamot
  • Coconut Hibiscus
  • Grapefruit Ginger
  • High Desert Sage
  • Lemongrass Lavender
  • Mistletoe
  • Passion Fruit
  • Pine
  • Vanilla

DANI Scented Soy Candles are:

  • Non Toxic
  • Long Burning (50% longer than paraffin candles)
  • Vegan
  • Clean Burning + Soot Free
  • Eco Friendly 
  • Non Paraffin

    Soy Bean Oil

    Soy beans are referred to as "the miracle crop" because they can be used for many things (including candle wax). They're a completely renewable resource. 

    Our soy wax is non-GMO, kosher, and free from any toxins (pesticides and herbicides.) Soy's lower burn temperature allows us to use 100% cotton wicks (versus metal) to keep air toxin free, and lower burn temperatures also mean our candles burn up to 50% longer than paraffin.

    To read the dirty truth about paraffin, click here.

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