It’s so much fun to have your toes out in the middle of summer, but it can be alarming to look down and see dry skin or rough heels. DANI Naturals is here with your guide to the perfect home pedicure, with our natural products, perfect for smoothing and moisturizing your skin.

What you Need

We suggest finding a mild soap, like our DANI Naturals body wash, for soaking. A sugar scrub is perfect for smoothing away rough skin during a pedicure, so get your jar of DANI Naturals sugar scrub ready too. Find your nail files, clippers, toe separators and your favorite color of polish, and you should be good to go!

Step By Step

First step of a pedicure is soaking your feet. Grab a bottle of DANI Naturals body wash, and add a couple of drops to a basin of warm water. Pick your favorite relaxing scent, like our Lemongrass Lavender Body Wash, and let your feet soak for 2 to 5 minutes.

The next step after soaking is to scrub and file. Smooth the rough surfaces on your feet with a foot file. Using sugar scrub, like our DANI Naturals sugar scrub, is perfect for smoothing rough patches on your skin, so find the scent you love the most and get scrubbing.

After you’re finished scrubbing, dip your feet back into the water and rinse off the remaining scrub. It can be important to fully towel off after using sugar scrub, as it contains essential oils, and your skin and toenails may be a greasy. In order to have your nail polish stick you may want to wipe your nails off with a nail polish remover.

Next you’ll want to take care of your nails and cuticles. Shape your nails how you like, square or rounded. If you desire to treat your cuticles to a little oil, it’s important to remember to wipe off your nails after this step.

Add your polish, paint on a couple of layers, and enjoy the pop of color on your toes.

The final step is using a moisturizing lotion on your feet and your calves. Find a scent of body lotion from DANI naturals that you love, like grapefruit ginger, and lather it on. If you desire, try giving yourself a bit of a massage. It doesn’t feel the same as a professional pedicure, but it will still work some stress and stiffness away.

Pedicures at Home

If you have the time and the right products, an at home pedicure is fun, and it saves you money. Using all-natural products from DANI Naturals, is good for you and good for your skin. Give a DIY pedicure a go, and enjoy your moisturized skin, and painted toes. Who says you need a spa day to feel pampered?