Here at DANI Naturals we created our luxurious body wash to do one thing, wash your body and leave your skin feeling moisturized. So we were surprised when we realized that our body wash lends itself well to many other uses around the house. Made with natural ingredients, it’s an extremely gentle soap, so it’s perfect for many different things.

Wash Delicates

If you’ve struggled to find the perfect gentle wash for washing your hosiery or lingerie, our body wash works perfectly as a gentle soak for your bras. Fill your sink with lukewarm water and a few drops of your favorite scent of our body wash, and let your delicates soak for about 10 to 15 minutes. After they’ve soaked, drain the sink, and gently wash the soap out of the clothing, until the water is suds free. Hang to dry.

Spot Treat     

If you’re looking for a gentle way to spot treat delicate fabrics, DANI Naturals body wash is the perfect way to do so. Depending on the article of clothing, you might want to soak it in the sink with a little soap, or spot treat your clothing and add it to a load of laundry.

Foot Soak

If you’re a fan of pedicures but can’t always afford to get one, doing an at-home pedicure can be a great way to treat yourself and save money. Start your pedicure off with a foot soak, by dropping a few drops of DANI body wash into a basin. Let your skin soften up in this gentle soak. When you’re done with your pedicure, use our body lotion to soften and hydrate your skin. For a full how to on pedicures from DANI see our post here.

Bubble Bath

Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub after a long day at work? Try using DANI Naturals body wash in Lemongrass Lavender in place of bubble bath, and let the relaxing scent soak your worries away.

Makeup brushes

Every woman knows how often she should be washing her makeup brushes, but somehow it always falls by the wayside. Unless you’ve purchased specific wash for makeup brushes only, it can be hard to decide what to use. Here’s where our gentle body wash comes in. It’s gentle enough for your skin, and it’s perfect for your delicate make up brushes.


If you’re kids are looking for some dreamy summer fun, mix a little DANI Body wash in a bucket of water, and let your kids go wild making bubbles with various kitchen utensils.

While DANI Body wash was created to cleanse your skin, it’s perfect to use for all your gentle wash needs in your home. Try using it as a replacement for detergent on delicate items, or bubble bath, and see how our gentle formula works for you.