We all love hitting the trails, or planning a weekend camping trip. Even if you’ve planned everything out for your excursion, there’s still one thing that could ruin it all. Bugs.

It can be hard to fight off mosquitos while spending time in the great outdoors, and mainstream bug repellents come with quite a few warnings. What if there was a natural bug repellent that was organic and all-natural? Dani Naturals is here to save the day with a great scent containing a natural bug deterrent.

 Bug Deterrents

 Most bug sprays contain DEET, which is a mosquito and bug repellent that actually classifies as a pesticide. Among pesticides, it also contains an array of other potentially toxic chemicals. Who wants to spray that on their skin?

 Next time you head out into the wild try finding something a bit more natural to help deter the bugs. Lemongrass has been known for its medicinal benefits, amongst other things. But it can also be a great all-natural bug deterrent.


 While most people think of Citronella as a common natural bug deterrent, lemongrass is actually closely related to it. They both have a vibrant, citrus-y smell, and are both great all-natural alternatives to DEET. What most don’t know is that lemongrass is even more effective when it’s paired with other natural repellents, like citronella. It also works well with clove, basil, rosemary and lavender. All of these plants offer natural repellents or insecticides, and include compounds like citronellal, geraniol and alpha-pinene.

 This is where Dani Naturals comes in. Featuring an entire collection devoted to the scent Lemongrass Lavender, there are plenty of options for you to find an all-natural bug repellent. If you’re setting up camp, try placing a few Lemongrass Lavender soy wax candles around your campsite. You’ll find candles in larger glass jars, or smaller sized candles in travel tins that are perfect for travel.

 Organic Body Wash

 If you’re in need of organic body wash, that is biodegradable and great to take along on a camping trip, the Lemongrass Lavender is the perfect wash to bring. Available in a 12 oz. size and 2 oz. travel size, you can choose which is right for the sort of camping trip you’re taking. We suggest the smaller size if you’re doing a backpacking hike-in.

 If you invest some time into it, there are plenty of all-natural and organic alternatives to other camping products you’ll need. After a day of hiking, swimming and sun, you could even treat your skin to some luxurious Lemongrass Lavender organic body lotion and help ward off those pesky bugs as you enjoy your campfire.