As the nights get colder, and the days start to feel crisp, it’s obvious we’re heading into fall. After a hot summer, the cold is a welcome reprieve. The only downfall of the colder weather, other than the lack of light, is that our skin starts to dry up and suffer. So here are some tips from DANI Naturals to keep your skin healthy as Fall progresses.

Trusty Socks

You all know the old trick of slathering on a thick layer of moisturizer and putting on a pair of comfy socks, and we’re here to say Do it! This is a great way to help out your cracked heels, and give your feet a little love. Our new lotion formula is much thicker and more emollient, so it’s perfect for healing dry skin quickly. We suggest taking it to the next level by trying our sugar scrub, to smooth away dry skin on your feet. Your feet are left with a soothing layer of essential oils and moisturizing agents. Then pump up the level of moisture with a layer of our lotion, preferably in a soothing scent like Lemongrass Lavender. Put a pair of thick comfy socks on, and there you have a great homemade remedy for rough heels.

Body Wash

If you’ve never considered how drying your body wash is, it might be time to up your body wash game. Even if you’re using a moisturizing body lotion, the fact is if your body wash is a harsh soap, your skin is still going to suffer. It’s something to consider as seasons change, that your beauty and body products will have to as well. Try finding a moisturizing body wash like our DANI Naturals Coconut Hibiscus Body Wash. It features a ton of moisturizing power leaving your skin with a protective and moisturizing layer, and pairs perfectly with our body lotion. Reward your skin with not only a moisturizing layer of lotion, but with a pretreatment of moisture from a great body wash.


Even though it can feel amazing to stand in a hot shower for 15 minutes, we all know it’s not good for our skin. Other than the obvious waste of a 15-minute shower, you’re stripping away your skin’s natural oils, and accidentally dehydrating your skin. This means you’ll have to do that much more moisturization to get your skin back to normal. Practice limiting your time in blazing hot water, and your skin will thank you.

Hand Soap

The same applies to your hand soap as well. While it can be a hassle to switch out all the soap pumps in your home, it’s well worth it to prevent cracked hands and knuckles. Find a moisturizing hand wash, like our Grapefruit Ginger Hand Wash, and prevent further damage from harsh hand washes. Our hand wash also protects your skin with an extra moisturizing layer of goodness. Consider what type of dish detergent you use, as it can also be rather harmful to your skin, and go for something more soothing.  

As always hydrating and drinking tons of water in the Fall is always helpful for your skin. Dry skin is easy to fix with the right products and the right care, but moisturized skin is easy to keep healthy. Take care of your skin, it’s the only skin you’ve got! Try moisturizing with DANI Naturals products for great results and glowing skin.