After a long hot summer, we’re really looking to the cozy days of fall. The air is getting colder, and soon it will be raining. Perfect days for reading by the fire and putting a big pot of soup on. Here at DANI Naturals we’re all about setting the stage for that perfect fall feeling. Here are some of our favorite fall scents to really get you feeling like Fall.

Something zesty

One of our favorite transitional fall scents is our Grapefruit Ginger Collection. Try using our hand-poured soy wax candle or reed diffuser in this scent to add a little pick me up to a gloomy fall day. This scent features the perfect combination of citrus and zesty ginger. Ginger is such a great fall scent and is featured in so many seasonal items like spice blends, cakes and more. Grapefruit is the perfect citrus for fall, as it’s not too bright and tends to be a bit more relaxing than its other citrus cousins.

Another benefit of the scent of ginger, is its anxiety relieving properties. This a great scent to stimulate the senses during a long day of fall reading or crafting.

Warm and Spicy

A great unique scent for fall is the Bend Candle. This scent is only featured in our soy wax candles, and it’s the perfect combination of spice and warmth. If you’re looking for a less sweet, more masculine scent for your home the Bend Candle is perfect. The scent features woodsy notes, with a little tobacco. It’s masculine, and a little sweet, perfect for a cozy day, or even a burst of early fall warmth. You can also feel good about purchasing this candle, as 10% of proceeds will go to The Environmental Center in Bend, Oregon.

Calmly Homey

While some may view the scent of vanilla, as, well, vanilla, we here at DANI love it. It’s the perfect scent to welcome you home at the end of a long day. It’s a common scent that will instantly relax your senses, so that you feel at home. If it’s been a long day or week, spend some time with a vanilla soy wax candle either just relaxing, reading or whatever suits your mood.

Fall Mood

While we all have different scent preferences, we have plenty of scents to choose from at DANI Naturals. Find the perfect scent for your favorite version of fall here. Whether you favor something more fruity and bright like our New Passionfruit products or something even more woodsy, like our beloved Pine Candle, there’s something for everyone.