If exfoliation isn’t in your skincare routine, it’s about time you reconsidered. Exfoliating dry skin is just as important as cleansing and moisturization. It’s important for your overall skin health, and your skin will thank you. Here are the benefits of exfoliating your skin with DANI Naturals sugar scrub.

Healthy Skin

If you’ve ever been envious of someone’s bright, glowing skin, and wondered how they get skin like that, exfoliating is probably their secret. If you apply makeup over dead skin, it will look like it’s rough or uneven. No one likes to have flaky or patchy skin. The secret to this is exfoliation. If you gently exfoliate your skin and wash the dry skin cells away, your skin will look much smoother. Now you’re one step closer to that glow you desire.

Better absorption

Exfoliating also helps your skin absorb other products. If you’re spending lots of time on your skincare routine, but skipping exfoliation, you might be wasting some effort. When you exfoliate your skin it helps your other skincare steps to be absorbed much more easily.

By exfoliating you open up your pores. If your pores are blocked all other skincare products won’t be able to successfully permeate into the deep layers of your skin.

Summer Skin

If you’re looking forward to spending some time in the sun, it’s best to exfoliate before your skin exposure. If you devote the time to exfoliate and remove your dead skin cells, the sun will tan your new and exposed skin cells. By tanning your new skin, and not dead skin cells on the surface, your tan or summer color will last longer. By not exfoliating, your dead skin cells will tan, and naturally shed quicker.

In addition to your sun skin health, be sure to apply spf, to protect your skin after you exfoliate, and before you head out into the sun. If you’re a fan of spray tans, it’s super important to exfoliate first, as the tan will cling to dry skin. This can make areas of your skin appear darker than others, and it will look like you have an uneven tan.

If your feet get dry and cracked during the summer, it’s important to take the time to exfoliate them, and work to get the dry skin out.


Other than the obvious benefits of exfoliating your skin, it’s a great stress reliever. Pick a sugar scrub with a scent that you love, like Lemongrass Lavender or Grapefruit Ginger, and smooth your stress away. After you exfoliate, finish your skin care with organic body lotion, like DANI Naturals Body lotion. Take care of your skin throughout the year, but especially when the summer sun is involved. Wear sunscreen, and scrub your dry cells away.