We’ve all experienced a feeling of calm come over us, as we passed a lavender bush. That intoxicating smell seems to calm the nerves and relax us in one whiff. While aromatherapy cannot be used in place of treatment for serious emotional issues, it can always help.

Here’s a breakdown of the essential oils used in our products and the scents that help soothe our emotions.


Lavender has been used to help soothe emotions, and has even helped soothe anxiety away in some people. An essential oil that helps people remain calm and composed is important. Lavender has always seemed to have a renewing or relaxing feel. So if you choose to lather up with our Lemongrass Lavender Hand and Body wash, or body lotion, you’ll feel your worries drifting away throughout the day. If you need a little reminder to remain calm and centered throughout the day, try using our Reed Diffuser with the Lemongrass Lavender oils. Surround yourself with the essential oil profile that soothes you the most.

Coconut and Vanilla

Some have associated these two smells with igniting creativity. Whether or not that’s true, you can’t deny the centering warm scents of coconut and vanilla. Here at DANI Naturals, we believe vanilla is far from boring, it can be spicy and calming at the same time. Coconut is another magical scent that doesn’t grab your senses immediately, but sort of washes over you, making you feel relax, and ready to handle your day. As far as creativity is concerned, perhaps your fears melt away when you’re surrounded by soothing scents, and you’re able to open up to your full potential. Try using either our Coconut Hibiscus or Vanilla soy wax candles or reed diffusers, around your desk or in your home to set the tone for creative thoughts.


It’s strange to think that a scent can comfort you, but rose and rosehip oils can have that effect on people. At DANI Naturals we use rosehip oil as a moisturizing agent in our products, and we love the natural benefit of rose. Some believe that rose brings emotional strength, so try some of our Hand and Body Washes made with rosehip oil. Lather up with them in your morning shower, and let the scent strengthen you for the day.


Another great zinger for the morning is ginger. It’s exotic scent will wake you up and get you pumped for you day. Using products with ginger, at any time of day, will keep you alert and focused. Paired with vibrant citrus, our Grapefruit Ginger body wash, candles, and reed diffusers will get you ready to conquer your day.

Whether you’re looking for soothing comfort, or a little motivation for your day, essential oils can handle a wide variety of emotions. So sit back and let your favorite calming scents wash over you.