If you spend your weekends getting outdoors like we do here at DANI Naturals, you know that the sun can be harsh and can really wreak havoc on your skin. We value proper skincare here at DANI, and we’re here to break down the perfect products to use after a particularly harsh day in the sun. We use Aloe Barbadensis in all of our body lotions, making them a perfect after sun product.

Benefits of Aloe Barbadensis

While we all know that aloe is good for us, some might not know explicitly why. Aloe is a great treatment for burns and eczema. If you ever burned yourself cooking in the kitchen, an aloe plant is great to have around. Applying fresh aloe on top of a burn can minimize the burn, the pain and the healing time.

Aloe is also a great treatment for dry skin conditions like eczema. When you’re considering after sun care for your skin, aloe is crucial in helping the skin regain some of the moisture lost.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is the most common problem after a day spent in the sun. If you take care of your skin, and apply plenty of sunscreen you should be lucky enough to escape without a sunburn.

After a day spent in the sun, your skin has lost some of its normal moisture, so it’s important to help get it back. Drink plenty of water while you’re hanging in the sun, and continue to hydrate once you’re home. If you’ve spent time in salt water or chlorine, an important step to rehydrating your skin, can be to shower these harsh elements off of your skin.

Body Lotion

Using DANI Naturals body lotion benefits your skin, because all of our scents are made with aloe barbadensis. Our lotion is designed to be extremely hydrating for your skin, and it’s the perfect final step to after sun care for your skin. DANI lotion is perfect because it’s light, non-greasy, and the formula gets quickly absorbed into your skin, which lets your skin breathe.

Every day

It’s important to hydrate your skin every day, and not just after a long day spent in the sun. Always be sure to drink plenty of water and use natural body lotion daily. It’s important to hydrate your skin to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming. By heading off overly dry skin, and moisturizing daily, you’re helping your skin bounce back faster after a day spent in the sun or any potential sunburns. Take care of your skin by hydrating every day and drinking plenty of water. While it’s hard to minimize your exposure to the sun in the summer, take precautions, use sunscreen and keep your skin healthy.